Pixior can help you:

Store your product: Support your existing fulfillment and shipping operations by expanding to our network of global warehouses.

Enable your sells : Pixior will work seamlessly with your existing order

Capture systems: Automating order submission, realtime shipping rates and inventory status.

Offer fast and flexible shipping: Our warehouses process and ship orders same day and are strategically located to reach domestic and international customers within a few days.

Automatism and automate shipment: We work with your preferred carrier or our system can automatically determine the best carrier, service and packaging to get your product to its destination efficiently.

Manage your operations: Control your order, inventory and supply chain operations across Pixior’s warehouses with powerful analytics.

Expand distribution partnership: Omnichannel distribution will enable you to leapfrog your competitors by forming partnerships with other retailers, allowing them to sell your product to a wider audience.

Engage emerging channels: The retail landscape is evolving at a rapid pace. Pixior’s services can scale to support exciting new sales channels.

Customize your delivery experience: We make you look good through intelligent routing, professional packaging, and shipping savings that will be appreciated by your customers.