Transportation and drayage services

We assist customers in determining the most cost-effective option of transportation for their shipments. From dispatch to tracking and invoicing, we manage every step of the process.

Drayage services

A vast network capable of providing you a solution in every location

Transport products to and from West Coast ports in a timely and dependable manner. Pixior’s drayage services are provided by modern, low-emission vehicles that serve the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach.
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Get your products out of the ports and into the market faster. 

Get your products out of the ports and into the market faster. Pixior can unload 40-foot containers and condense products for inland delivery into rails or OTR vehicles, but also receive and prepare products for export.
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LTL retail distribution

Leverage PIXIOR’s standing delivery appointments with most major retailers.

Make use of Pixior's pre-scheduled delivery appointments with most major retailers. Pixior can condense your freight to save money while still delivering within extremely specific time frames.

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full truck load

Get your shipements sooner with our FTL Solutions

Our dependable dedicated drivers and equipment will deliver your complete truckloads without the problems associated with assets, labor management, and compliance.
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port-to-door Transportation services

We help customers optimize shipments via the most efficient mode of transport.


We offer the tactical expertise, infrastructure, and technology to assist you in growing your business without breaking the bank.


After 20 years, we fully comprehend port operations, procedures, and how to get things done to help you to deliver your goods in the best possible way.

24/7 Operations

A team of transportation experts is here to assist you 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Proximity to ports

Close to the biggest ports on the East Coast we guarantee you a quick and efficient transit of your goods.

High-volume capability

We transfer over 25,000 containers every year between the Long Beach and San Diego ports. Our drivers are on-site every day to guarantee high efficiency.

Fleet of trucks

We recognize that drivers are critical to our performance and that recruiting and retaining our fleet is a top priority in any scenario.

Container storage

We provide a thorough container storage solution that is trusted by the world's leading brands.

Customized delivery

We'll arrange for your products to be delivered to one of our logistics centers. We ship goods to our warehouses within 72 hours.

Last mile

We know how important it is to have an effective and precise last-mile delivery process to keep your consumers pleased.


Whatever you need, we've got you covered!

Every industry that produces or sells physical items relies on transportation to deliver those things to market. They'll need a trusted, capable 3PL transportation services partner to help them meet the high expectations they'll encounter and that's where we come in. We will adapt to your needs to get your goods delivered in the best possible way.
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Load-Building Services
Container Drayage
Same Day & Next Day Service
Dropped Trailer Service
Manage Day-to-Day Dispatch
Freight Bill Auditing & Payment Service
Claims Management
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