Flexible & scalable warehouses and distribution centers

Our scalable warehouse network allows us to work efficiently with our clients, making your business dreams a reality.

Scalable Warehouse Network

State-of-the-art warehouse facilities and Global fulfillment services

Helping you grow your business with a scalable warehouse network. With our state-of-the-art facilities, we can accommodate all of your warehousing needs, from order fulfillment to inventory management.

Our warehouses are strategically located Worldwide to ensure that orders are delivered on time, every time. You can expect high-quality, personalized service from all of our facilities.
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customized WMS

Robust and innovative Warehouse management system used by world's leading companies

Our Warehouse management system system provides complete control and visibility of inbound shipments and the movement of all inventories within Pixior’s facilities, as well as the ability to manage inventory levels by location, condition, and special services.
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knowledgeable shipping team available to help you

Passionate shipping team to handle all your day-to-day warehouse and distribution tasks

Our shipping staff actively coordinate with our customer service staff to ensure orders are routed and shipped out promptly to deliver the highest customer satisfaction .

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expert warehouse and fulfillment services

With a strategically-placed warehouses, same day delivery and accuracy guaranteed, PIXIOR offers world-class warehousing and distribution services for online retailers and merchants of all sizes.


At PIXIOR we have a deep knowlodge of shipping compliance for major retailers. Instructions are hard coded at consignee and BOL level to ensure compliance to prevent chargebacks.


Cross-docking, in essence, eliminates the supply chain's "storage" link. The ultimate effect is a leaner, more efficient supply chain.

24/7 Shipping and receiving

After receiving inventory and configuring your preferences, sit back and watch orders come in and ship out with no effort on your part.

Inventory management

Keep track of inventory and relocate units across our warehouses, hold stock digitally, and view outbound units.

Reverse logistics

One of the many value-added services we offer: we finish the assembly of your products before sending them to the customers after order.


More than simply storage, our warehouses are your supply chain pit stop, professionally engineered to keep your items moving through the supply chain at the rate you choose.

Palletized and non-palletized storage

Depending on the goods we move and due to their size or required handling procedures, we use palletized and non-palletized storage to give the best possible treatment to your goods.

EDI & Bar-coding

EDI and barcoding to keep up with the fast pace of your business.

Kitting & Packaging

Process that ensures physical and barrier protection, minimizes shipping security threats, proper labeling, convenience, portion control, inspections, and quality control.

Real-time reporting and analytics

Stay informed and up to date with our near-real-time analytics to make agile inventory choices.

Drop ship orders

We offer a full sevice drop shipping B2C / B2B solution. We provide a comprehensive set of tools to integrate your store and to easily manage new orders.   

Finishing services

We navigate the final mile of your finished goods with skill, speed, and compliance.

Shelf-ready preparation

We help prepare and make any adjustments necessary to your products to be shelf ready.

Quality control (QC)

We understand how important quality is to your clients. At PIXIOR we put all necessary procedures to catch issues early on and limit any future mistakes.

Special projects

From Seasonal inventory to promotions and events, We offer a wide range of services to help you make the most impact on time.

the manpower to help you thrive

More than 500 employees dedicated to improving your overall business and shipping and distribution needs.
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Retail routing and shipping compliance
Proactive communication to customers
Timely responses to customer inquiries
Shipment tracing and order update 
Communication and coordination with warehouse, transportation, and Client
Experience and deep understanding of carrier logistics
Transport management
Inventory management and reporting
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